How to get International Speaking engagements


Discover how you can raise your profile by Speaking Internationally


Speaking Internationally to aid promoting your business

Connecting Speakers to International Events

We facilitate speakers connections to international speaking events. We help create opportunities for people who aspire to speak internationally, and then find the best international speaking opportunities.

Our agency gives speakers support at every step of the way, including managing your travel, accommodation and speaking slot, and giving you access to 1,000+ conferences and top organisations who want you to speak on their platform.

Promote your business, build your brand, expand your audience and strengthen your presence as a professional speaker.

Are you looking to…

  • Find top-quality professional speaking opportunities abroad?
  • Grow your platform as a professional speaker?
  • Use professional speaking to expand the market for your business?
  • Make it easier for international clients to hire you, without having to pursue them?
  • Increase your client base?
  • Get your message heard by more people internationally?

Deborah’s 10 Top Tips for effective Networking

  • Decide how many people you want to connect with – have a plan
  • Be prepared with your phone or Business Cards to take contact details
  • Have your ‘elevator pitch’ prepared – a summary of what you do and what you want to promote – share your Passion
  • Listen – what other people have to say is important
  • Be receptive to others – think about your body language
  • Ask questions – you don’t know who may be in front of you
  • Have a range of Networks – it’s important to get a range of perspectives to support your development or business
  • Be yourself
  • Don’t discount anybody
  • Have fun

Advantages of Speaking Abroad

  • Stand out from your UK competitors
  • Raise your credibility
  • Command higher fees for speaking appearances
  • Get paid to speak abroad (including expenses)

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Many other PR firms and speaker agencies charge significant upfront fees or require a commission as a share of any speaker fees – our total package fees are cheaper than most other agencies’ booking fees alone.